Eco-Cultural Immersion in Amazonía

Grow within yourself while supporting local endeavors to connect culture, ecology, and financial sustainability in a rapidly shifting world.

Ancestral culture wisdom rooted into present day knowledge systems.

Expanding ethnobotanical knowledge surrounding Amazonian plant life.

Exploring the mega-diverse ecosystem that is Amazonia.

The opportunity for companionship within the Forest realm is very real, we are brought together under the great canopy above us.

Learning from the expert stewards of the Amazon, the local people themselves.

About Wayra Wasi

Wayra Wasi translates literally from Kichwa as “House Of Wind," welcoming the 'winds' of ancestral knowledge to flourish. Seeking to educate international visitors through direct contact with indigenous cultural practices while supporting local resilience, Wayra Wasi is engaging skills in traditional building, pottery, medicinal plants, agriculture, natural fermentation, etc. Employing projects which embody local wisdom and promote its expansion, Wayra Wasi hopes to harbor cultural vitality and educate about life in the Amazon Rainforest.
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